Best Romantic Mystery Novels – Our picks

If you love a love story with a twist, these page turners are right up your alley. Mysterious thriller novels that are intertwined with a touching love story are all the more supsenseful, since you will feel more connected to the characters. Here we provide an overview of the best Romance Mystery Books.

Deep Dark by Laura Griffin

When they said opposites attract, they were not kidding. Laney Knox is willing to work with the Austin PD to find the killer of a young girl. She has to work with detective Reed Novak, who is her total opposite. But she can’t deny the chemistry they have and how strong the attraction is. As they move forward with their investigation, it is clear that Laney’s life is in danger. She is the killer’s likely target. Is there a chance at love for them or is it already doomed from the start?

Known by Kendra Elliot

Chris discovers Gianna and her teenage daughter hiding in what was left of their vacation home. This brings out his protective instincts and moves to keep them safe. As they stay in close quarters, they get to know each other a little better, including knowing that they both have a dark past. The more they get to know each other and spend time together, their feelings for each other grow. But before they give in to their feelings, they have to remove the threat that prevents them from having a relationship and staying alive. Known has a 4.32 rating on I think people who enjoyed this book will also really like the suspenseful thriller movies on, where they also name movie adaptations like Gone Girl (although that is more of a twisted romance) & The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.


Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard

Jaine and her friends, out of fun, make a list of qualities that Mr. Perfect should have. They forget about it until it seemed to have gone viral. Everybody seems to be talking about the list and she and her friends don’t have a clue how others got wind of it. Things take a sinister turn when someone from their group dies. Jaine has to figure out what is the connection and who has done this. Good thing her hot neighbor, Sam, who is also an undercover cop, is willing to help.


Under the Wire by HelenKay Dimon

Reid has been looking forward to this holiday. Being part of a secret military security agency, vacations are hard to come by. As he starts to enjoy his break, he learns that his ex-fiancee has not gone back from her science expedition. Without any second thoughts, he goes to find Cara. Reunited, not even the danger that lies ahead could not stop them from picking it up where they left off.