Paper Necklace: Kids Craft

Kids usually bring their painting papers from their school but we never save it or use it for anything creative or interesting. So, this time we made a good use of their painting papers and made a beautiful Paper Necklace.

What you’ll need : Construction Paper, Water Colors, Scissor, Glue, Wooden Beads, String.

Here’s a sample of a painting paper that kids typically bring home.

Step 1: Cut out the painting paper in the form of long triangle shapes.

Step 2: Put glue on top of  a triangle.

Step 3: Stick the long wooden beads and keep on rolling to make the first bead of the necklace.

Step 4: Repeat the above steps to make other beads.

Step 5: Use a string to join the beads to form a necklace. You can use small wooden beads in between the other beads for additional decoration.

See, how painting papers of your kids has turned  into a beautiful necklace for them to wear. I am sure you all have other ideas to convert kids scrap into something creative. Do share it with us!