The After Christmas Tree – Book & Craft

“The After Christmas Tree” by Jane Marshall  is a very nature loving story for kids. After Christmas, StickFiggy’s Christmas tree is concerned about what will happen to him. After reading this adorable story, kids will find out what StickFiggy does to the tree. It is a  playfully written story that teaches kids to be sensitive to and love nature.

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The After Christmas Tree
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The After Christmas Tree

Ater reading “The After Christmas Tree” story,  kids wanted to make Christmas tree with their little hand prints. And it turned out to be a very fun kid’s activity with hand-prints.

What you’ll need : Three Green &  One Brown Construction Paper, Scissor, Glue, Maker or Pencil, Heart Stickers & Glue Glitter.

Step 1: Let your kids trace their hands on  the three green construction paper.

Step 2: Let your kids cut out all the handprints.

Step 3: Let your kids draw a tree shape on brown construction paper and cut it.


Step 4: Stick all the handprints on the brown construction paper and stick some heart stickers over it. You can also stick a star for decoration (optional).

Step 5: Let them decorate the Christmas tree further with glitter glue.

And our Handprint Christmas Tree was ready in no time.