How to make your vlogs more accessible for everyone

Years ago it was blogging, now it’s vlogging that has become one of the most popular ways of influence on the internet. From ‘normal’ people, to reality TV starts and celebrities: lots of people have gotten into vlogging over the last couple of years. Many different social platforms have started to provide video options, like Instagram and Tiktok. But the most popular social channel suited for vlogs is still YouTube. But you of course want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy your vlogs. In order to achieve this, you will need to make your vlogs accessible to everyone. And how you can do that? We’ll tell you!

Accessible content

First of all, the content you create has to be accessible to everyone. Some tips to achieve this are to use colours with a good contrast. This way everything is easy to read for everyone. Also use readable fonts and sizes for your text. Also try not to make things pop up in a flashing way, at least not without a flash warning. People will seizure disorders could be triggered if you don’t do this.

Add a transcript

When adding a transcript to your vlog, you will ensure that everyone can read along with your words, without feeling rushed. You can convert mp4 to text, check if the text is correct, and add it to the description of your video. Not only should a transcript contain the spoken words, it should also describe what else is going on in the video. This way, a person who is blind can still ‘watch’ the video and know that is going on.

Add captions

Next to a transcript, captions should also be added to your videos if you want to make them fully accessible. Captions are like subtitles: they show what people are saying at the exact same time as they are being said. Sometimes they also describe background noises and other sounds, to cover the full video.

By applying these few tips to your videos or vlogs, you have ensured that everyone can enjoy your videos. People who have disability, like blindness or deafness, also have the right to watch every video they want. So it might take a bit more effort, but it will be worth it in the end!