St. Patrick’s Day – Craft and Book

St. Patrick’s Day is Thursday, March 17, 2011. This is a fun day to do crafts for both kids and for adults. Since we are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this week, we decided to spread the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day by doing a kid’s craft related to this day.

What you’ll need: Construction Paper, Scissor, Glue, Chenille Stems, Paper Punch & Marker.

Step 1: Draw a shamrock leaf on a green colored (since it’s St. Patrick’s Day) construction paper.

Step 2: Let your kids cut out along the shape of shamrock. Repeat Step 1 and Step 2 to make multiple Shamrock leaves.

Step 3: Cut out a long slit of construction paper and roll it and glue it.

Step 4: Punch holes at regular intervals.

Step 5: Hang each shamrock leaf with a pipe cleaner as illustrated.

Step 6: You can help your kids to hang different colored shamrock pieces.

Step 7: We used red, yellow & green color shamrock.

And, a festive St. Patrick’s Day craft is ready in no time.  You can make a number of these and hang it out side your house in lieu of a wreath.

Suggested Reading:

St. Patrick’s Day by Anne Rockwell is one of my favorite book as it’s a perfect way to educate kids about St. Patrick’s Day. The book talks about the various Irish tales and traditions.

So, we did a craft and read a book while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this week. What did you do with your kids on St. Patrick’s Day?