2018’s Best Children’s Books from ages 3 to 12

Children’s books should be taken very seriously. The best children’s book can shape the minds of our youngsters – make them explore possibilities, use their imagination and learn lessons about morals and kindness. It also playfully introduces them to the darker things in life.

But above all, Children’s books need to be magical. When your kid does not want to put away his book for dinner, you know the book is doing something right.

Here we have gathered the best new children’s books released in 2018 from age 3 to 12. We have used commonsense media’s age indicators.

You go First – age 9

Written by Erin Entrada Kelly

You go First is a children’s coming-of-ager about the kids bonding over an online game of scrabble. It’s a sweet tale that teaches lessons about perseverance and integrity.

Sometimes you Fly – age 4

Written by Katherine Applegate

A charmingly illustrated books about the trials and errors of growing up. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. A message that prepares kids for the world in a sweet way.

The Prince and the Dressmaker – age 12

Written by Jen Wang

The Prince and the Dressmaker is a graphic novel that explores the concept of sexual orientation (in an innocent way). The Prince in this story likes to wear dresses, but that’s ok. He does fall in love with a girl.

Hello Hello – age 3

Written by Brendan Wenzel

A smart and fun introduction into the wildlife of animals. A very colorful & thoughtful book.

Granted – age 8

Written by John David Anderson

A lovely fantasy adventure book about a fairy on her very first mission. She is far away from the safe world of very fairy country, and although exposed to the dangers of the world, she perseveres in doing good for others.