Counting Activities – Kids Craft

Since the theme of this week is “Counting”, we did a couple of activities to help kids learn to count. In this first activity, I had the kids stick foam numbers and then count and stick buttons to match the value of those numbers. And, as part of the other activity, I made them count and stick petals to make a flower. Both these activities go well with our Book of this week – “All Fingers And Thumbs“.

What you’ll need : Foam Number Stickers, Buttons, Glue, White Construction Paper, Ice-Cream Wood Stick, Scissor, Colored Tissue Paper.

Activity #1

Step 1: Let your kid stick foam number on a white construction paper.

Step 2: Let your kids count and stick buttons alongside the foam numbers.

Step 3: Let them count it again so that they can learn to count.

Activity #2

Step 1: Glue ice- cream wood sticks on a white construction paper. Then cut out small circles on a colored tissue paper and glue it as pictured below.

Step 2: Let your kids count  and stick petals to form a flower.

Step 3: Let your kids count all the petals on the flower one more time.

How did you make your kids learn how to count? Do share your thoughts / ideas / suggestion.