The Business Idea: MemeTales: Democratize the creation of children’s books

I am a mom. Believe me – that opening line is more important and absolutely essential for this post.

I adore my kids and really, taking care of them is one of the most enjoyable and untiringly refreshing things I have ever done. Having kids and staying home was just the perfect way for me to light that proverbial entrepreneurial fire under my backside. Really, kids make you feel wonderfully creative if you have some time and learn to enjoy them. As I sing, dance and make stories up for my kids, I come up with crazy ideas. Strangely enough, the sense of helplessness also forces me to think up creative solutions …

Here is my pitch –

Does your child love stories? Do you find yourself making up stories at the drop of a hat, just to share it with your little one? Do you think stories are a great way to bond with your child and tech him/her the values of life? Do you wish you could share those stories with other kids and the world?

And this is not just for parents. Just anybody that interacts with kids is inspired to become a storyteller. Aunts, uncles, writers, illustrators, artists and just anybody who is a child at heart, who has a passion for writing and creating.

Stories are such a powerful way of connecting and communicating a message. And who better to write stories than the people who are inspired by life and children?

I felt just that passion. I wanted to write my children’s books, have it illustrated by my sister and share it with the world. It did not take long for me to realize that I had set out on a rather difficult path.
Children’s books are incredibly hard to create, publish and share!

So I have set out on the journey to create the solution myself. To democratize the creation of children’s books.

What is MemeTales?

MemeTales is my start-up. Inspired by my need as a parent/author and my sister’s need as an illustrator. I believe creating and sharing children’s books should not be as complicated as it is today. My idea is to “democratize creation, sharing and marketing of children’s picture books” – MemeTales  will bring together storytellers and illustrators to create downloadable 99c(just an estimation) books and everyone involved will make money.

Why MemeTales?

  • You want to make something special for your child. You want to share the books you have written.
  • To help artists, illustrators and authors make money.
  • Self publishing is expensive upfront. Especially when you do not know how the book will do in the marketplace.
  • Its hard to find good illustrators.
  • Illustrators are expensive.
  • Its hard to market self published books and make money.

How does MemeTales work:

  • If you have a story that you tell your kids or grandkids, you post it using our tool.
  • People bid to be on your team
  • You lead the team to make a book
  • Your book will be sold in the marketplace as a downlandable PDF for 99c
  • You make a cut with the illustrator for every book sold.
  • You can also buy books written by others.

What now?

Leave a comment here or email me ( so we can inform you when we have updates about the company. We hate spam and will not use it for anything else, period.

If you have a story that you’d like to have illustrated, please participate in the beta. Send us an email or use the contact form.

If you are an illustrator you want to participate in some of these projects, please get in touch with us. We can take it from there.

So I have 2 requests for you:

1. What do you think about my business idea?

2. What are your thoughts on the fact that I have shared my business idea to the extent that I have?