How to Vision Board with the Kids

In all my years, I never imagined I would vision board with my kids. But on Jan 1, 2013, I did and it was an incredible experience. An experience I will cherish for years to come. It was 4 hours of togetherness and fun. I was amazed that a 4 and 6 year old actually lasted that long!!

We plan to vision board every year with the kids. I hope you explore it too!

A Guide To Vision Boarding With Kids  - it can be a LOT of fun!

Here is what I did –

1. Get the kids excited (and the spouse too ;))

I talked about vision boarding, I explained what it means. They were excited to make plans for 2013!

2. Let them play a part in the set up

We went to the craft store and chose our own colors  for our boards. We piled up magazines. We collected some shopping flyers. We were definitely ready.

3. Set up –

Set up in a large area. I set the magazines on one side and our  poster boards on the other end of the room. That really helped as the area with magazines gets pretty messy over time.

Set up for Vision boards

4. Give kids a loose structure –

I made 4 parts on the kids’ poster boards. I put their names in the center and drew 4 sections – home, school, plans and dreams.

Cutting out for vision boards

5. Start – spread out and have fun.

Cut pictures, chat, help each other and enjoy. The kids would find a picture they love and need, cut it and go stick it on the poster board. My 4 year old used just pictures and my 6 year old did a lot of writing too.

Vision boarding with kids

It was a whole lot of fun. While the output does not look like much, we were all so thrilled with every little bit! The process, learning about our plans and the excitement of conquering 2013!!


finished vision board with kids

I hope you will explore vision boarding with kids too! It was way more amazing than I could ever imagine!!