Memetales for Publishers

If you are a book publisher, the Memetales platform is a great way for you to share your books online and market your book. Memetales is a platform where you can share your book online and still sell it on sites such as Amazon, B&N etc. By engaging the community around your books and letting them share around the book, it's theme, the books have a greater opportunity to get popular. If you want to market your books on Memetales, please do get in touch with us.

Specifically, Memetales provides the following uses for publishers -

  • reach a large niche audience easily and within a short time
  • instant value add to your books by the context and contributions by the community
  • viral tools such as embeds, badges and connectivity to facebook/twitter etc for more effective marketing
  • support for selling your books in additional formats*
  • ability to involve the Memetales community for social media marketing promotions and campaigns
* future features