Memetales for Parents

MeMeTales is a place to celebrate children’s stories. Memetales is, at the heart, a virtual world of togetherness and books for parents and children. It is a place where a child, along with parents, teachers, friends and family can come together, around a book, to celebrate the experience of reading the book and extending it into their lives through rich books, apps, crafts, games and extended learning.

At Memetales, a parent can At Memetales, a parent can

  • find great children’s books to read on the web, on mobile devices and even print them off.
  • discover related activities, crafts and media
  • discover a wonderful community of bloggers, parents and educators who are passionate about children's books and learning
  • share back fun experiences after reading the book.

Read books online or download our apps! Even sit down and help your own child write and illustrate his/her own story. And then publish it! There are so many ways to celebrate stories at MeMeTales!