Memetales for educators

Educators love the idea of Memetales because educators have always involved children in books the way we are doing it at Memetales. They choose a theme + book + crafts + songs + anything else that extends the book, idea and theme into a child's life. Memetales is helping you educators do exactly that ALONG with an online community. What is more, you can share lesson plans with other educators and talk about your experiences too!

As an educator, you qualify for subscription access to Memetales where you get access to all books and basic content for a flat monthly fee. If you are a school, librarian, montessori teacher or homeschooler interested in Memetales, be sure to talk to us for your access. As an educator, you can

  • read books
  • discover activities and share your own crafts, activities and lesson plans
  • show off what your class did
  • share your experiences with children from across the world
  • set up virtual author visits

We are getting geared up to give schools and libraries their own secure version of Memetales. If you are interested in YOUR school, class or library helping us explore this while you add immense value to the kids by letting them be writers, illustrators and creators themselves, do get in touch with us!